About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Howe (c. 1635 – July 19, 1692)

The examination of Eliz: 31. May. 1692

Mercy Lewis & Mary Walcot fell in a fit quickly after the examinant came in Mary Walcot said that this woman the examinant had pincht her & choakt this month. Ann Putnam said she had hurt her three times. What say you to this charge? Here are them that charge you with witchcraft If it was the last moment I was to live, God knows I am innocent of any thing in this nature Did not you take notice that now when you lookt upon Mercy Lewis she was struck down? I cannot help it. You are charged here; what doe you say? I am innocent of any thing of this nature. Is this the first time that ever you were accused? Yes S’r. Do not you know that one at Ipswitch hath accused you? This is the first time that ever I heard of it You say that you never heard of these folks before Mercy Lewis at length spake & charged this woman with hurting & pinching her: And then Abigail Williams cryed she hath hurt me a great many times, a great while & she hath brought me the book. Ann Putnam had a pin stuck in her hand What do you say to this? I cannot help it. What consent have you given? Mary Warren cryed out she was prickt Abig: Williams cryed out that she was pincht, & great printes were seen in her arm. Have not you seen some apparition– No, never in all my life Those that have confessed, they tell us they used images & pins, now tell us what you have used. You would not have me confess that which I know not She lookt upon Mary Warren, & said Warren violently fell down. Look upon this maid viz: Mary Walcot, her back being towards the examinant Mary Warren & Ann Putnam said they saw this woman upon her. Susan: Sheldon saith this was the woman that carryed her yesterday to the Pond Sus: Sheldon carried to the Examinant in a fit & was well upon grasping her arm. You said you never heard before of these people Not before the warrant was served upon me last Sabbath day John Indian cryed out O she bites, & fell into a grevious fit, & so carried to her in his fir & was well upon her grasping him. What do you say to these things, they cannot come to you? S’r. I am not able to give account of it Cannot you tell what keeps them off from your body? I cannot tell, I know not what it is? That is strange that you should do these things & not be able to tell how. This is a true account of the examination of Eliz: How taken from my characters written at the time thereof. Witness my hand

Sam. Parris.

(Reverse) Eliza. How Exam.Adjour’t. June 30 92 How

(witnesses v. Elizabeth Howe)


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6 thoughts on “About Elizabeth

  1. This is a GREAT ‘About” page. Seriously. 🙂 I have a question about the Granddaddy Periods when setting intentions. Are there any special things you should do/consider if your Granddaddy Power period coincides exactly at the same time as a Mercury Retrograde? Mine does this month and I’d appreciate your thoughts


    • Thank you! As for the Grandaddy Power Periods, I highly recommend the advice Jan Spiller offered. Make your first wish: “I want to easily cut through any fears or negativity that may arise in the month following my Power Period, and emerge with flying colors.” I think that will be especially important while Mercury is Retrograde. I would also be very careful to set aside time to sit in silence and reflect before making wishes during this time. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reevaluate what we’ve done in the past. You might want to read an old journal entry and meditate on it before you make your wishes. That simple act might remind you of issues that have extra fire in them, things you keep revisiting. Good wishes might be focused on understanding why or releasing those blocks. Also, practice self care. Don’t set down your wishes while you’re anxious or tired. Do it when you feel good. I wish you a wonderful Power Period. Let me know what the month following is like!


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