The QueensThe court cards can represent people or concepts. As a person, a queen is a woman over the age of 35. As gender becomes more fluid, many see queens as simply feminine energy. Energetically queens represent a wise and nurturing ally or a formidable enemy. They may also indicate a period of inner growth.

As people, you can interpret queens as mature, feminine adults. Their energies take on a nurturing role in a spread. A spread filled with queens indicates an opportunity for subtle influence over a situation, a person, or yourself.


The upright queens are mothers and crones (derived from the word “crown”). They denote wisdom. They are competent, magnetic, attractive, and nurturing. They hold authority, and subtly exercise their power. They are mature and self-possessed. They present an opportunity to tend to a neglected part of your life. That part of life relates to the element of the card. Rods are fire, Cups are water, Swords are air, and Pentacles are earth.

Meditate on your own gifts and power. Are you a fairy godmother? Who is your Cinderella/Cinderfella? Who is acting as your fairy godmother? Listen to the whispers in the wind for your answers.

Queen of Rods | Queen of Cups | Queen of Swords | Queen of Pentacles


Inversions are tricky, because they can be interpreted so many ways. Sometimes inversions slow things down. Sometimes they turn things around completely. They can represent an internal journey, or a brush with the mystical. The inverted queens are too often written off as bitches or whores. They can be selfish, smothering, and controlling. They can be bad parents who are weak, unreliable, or absent altogether. They can be unfaithful and act out sexually. They can simply be fools. Often those behaviors come from their own experiences, from a lifetime of being in relationships with untrustworthy people. They reach their destination like a package that gets caught in a piece of machinery, damaged and taped up enough to make it to where they’re headed. Some can rise above this and instigate lasting change for others like them. Others turn their focus inward, and tap into the divine feminine within themselves. Pay attention to the element of these cards, to see what needs to be healed.

Meditate on your personal history. How has it shaped you? How have you reacted to it? From where you are now, would you have reacted differently? Meditate on how that would have changed things. Journal through these feelings. Let your tears soak the pages. Let your rage tear them to shreds. Burn them safely and offer forgiveness. Forgiveness is a tool to end these cycles of abuse. Forgiveness does not require going back or remaining in community, it gives you back your life.

Inverted Queen of Rods | Inverted Queen of Cups | Inverted Queen of Swords | Inverted Queen of Pentacles

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