The TensTarot is composed of layers of symbols, each with its own message. Have you seen cards of the same number within a single reading? Does the same number appear over and over again in nearly every spread? The Universe is trying to tell you something. It’s time to integrate that number’s meaning into your interpretations. When you do this, it deepens your understanding. Sometimes I read all the cards of one value when I start a reading. It sets a tone and gives me perspective. See how it shapes your interpretation. This is the end, but you can argue that it is simply a brief rest before the start of a new cycle. Here are the tens.


The upright tens untie the knot. They are about results, heritage, harvest, and fulfillment.

Meditate on how much has changed, what you have accomplished, and who’s with you. Look through old photos, read notes and lists from when you started this journey. How accurate was your vision? How did you meet or exceed your expectations? What will you keep, discard, or improve next time?

Ten of Rods | Ten of Cups | Ten of Swords | Ten of Pentacles
The Wheel of Fortune | The Sun


Inversions are tricky, because they can be interpreted so many ways. Sometimes inversions slow things down, or turn things around completely. They can represent an internal journey, or a brush with the mystical. The inverted tens are rebellious and argumentative. They show that your basic needs are not being met. You can experience trouble with family. You might enjoy some success, but it might be short-lived. But, inversions aren’t always negative. They may also represent an inner or spiritual harvest, release, liberation, a feeling of being absolved or released from burdens. While all the inverted cards suggest an imbalance in an element, the tens do it to excess. You can feel really stuck, way too much in your head, wildly emotional, or totally burned out. These are strong messages that the element (Rods are fire, Cups are water, Swords are air, and Pentacles are earth) needs to be tempered.

Meditate on what you need to let go. Are you rebelling against something that has limited you? Have you been carrying a burden that wasn’t meant to be yours? Picture yourself putting it down and walking away. Look closely at the elements that are inverted and try to integrate more of the other elements into the situation. If swords are inverted, get out of your head and take action. If cups are inverted, write down your feelings and safely burn what you wrote. If rods are inverted, nap or take a long bath or shower. If pentacles are inverted, call up a friend right now and do something spontaneous.

Inverted Ten of Rods | Inverted Ten of Cups | Inverted Ten of Swords | Inverted Ten of Pentacles
The Inverted Wheel of Fortune | The Inverted Sun

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