The PagesThe court cards can represent people or concepts. As a person, a page is either very young or child-like. Pages are people of either gender, under the age of 21. Energetically, the pages are messengers, students, or catalysts.

As people, you can interpret pages as children or immature/playful adults. Their energies take on a more supportive role in a spread. A spread filled with aces and pages shows something beginning.


The upright pages are like aces. They indicate beginnings. They are the seeds of the future. They are catalysts. They can be children or students, receptive, open, learning, developing. They can be immature and naive. They might call you to take risks or try something out. They may also represent the physical body. Pages can be messengers, whose message lies in the element of the cards. Rods are fire, Cups are water, Swords are air, and Pentacles are earth.

Meditate on your beginnings. Ask for messages. Be open to not having all the answers right now. There is plenty of room to grow.

Page of Rods | Page of Cups | Page of Swords | Page of Pentacles


Inversions are tricky, because they can be interpreted so many ways. Sometimes inversions slow things down. Sometimes they turn things around completely. They can represent an internal journey, or a brush with the mystical. The inverted pages can be a little too big for their britches. They can be easily hurt or depressed. They can throw tantrums, act out, close down, or refuse to take instruction. They can be gullible or vulnerable. They have made a poor start. An inverted page might deliver bad news related to their element. But, they can also show where there is undeveloped potential.

Meditate on your hot buttons. What makes you lash out? When do you close down? How have others taken advantage of you? Go a little deeper and look for the lesson in these situations. What you first saw as a slammed door might simply be a lesson in what’s standing in your way.

Inverted Page of Rods | Inverted Page of Cups | Inverted Page of Swords | Inverted Page of Pentacles

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