Aces and Ones

The Ones and AcesTarot is composed of layers of symbols, each with its own message. Have you seen cards of the same number within a single reading? Does the same number keep appearing over and over again in nearly every spread? The Universe is trying to tell you something. It’s time to integrate that number’s meaning into your interpretations. When you do this, it deepens your understanding. Sometimes I read all the cards of one value when I start a reading. It sets a tone and gives me perspective. See how those values shape your own interpretations. For now we’ll start drilling down into the tarot with the aces, a numeric value of one. They’re where everything, but the Fool starts anyway.


The upright aces indicate beginnings. They are the seeds of the future. They point to what requires your focus. They are gifts and opportunities. Remember these are the first step of the journey. They require something from you, to mature and complete their cycles. When you receive an abundance of aces, pay attention to the element of the cards and nurture them in your daily life. Rods are fire, Cups are water, Swords are air, and Pentacles are earth. In the aces, the Magician holds dominion over all the elements.

Meditate on your beginnings. Welcome them as gifts. This is your chance to start something amazing.

Ace of Rods | Ace of Cups | Ace of Swords | Ace of Pentacles
The Magician


Inversions can be tricky, because they can be interpreted so many ways. Sometimes inversions slow things down. Sometimes they turn things around completely. They can represent an internal journey, or a brush with the mystical. The inverted aces indicate delays. They are opportunities you have failed to grasp. They can be impotency or infertility. They are often materialistic. They represent your inner focus or longings. You might sense them as preconscious ideas or the hint of a beginning about to start. All inversions suggest an imbalance in an element that offer you the chance to transform it.

Meditate on these beginnings as you would in the upright cards. You still have the opportunity. It just might take longer to happen or require more effort. You might see this as a failure, but that’s a flawed perception. This could turn into something marvelous. But these beginnings can be fleeting. Keep your eye on the ball and don’t blink.

Inverted Ace of Rods | Inverted Ace of Cups | Inverted Ace of Swords | Inverted Ace of Pentacles
The Inverted Magician

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