TwosTarot has layers of symbols, each contributing its own part to the message. Does the same number come up a lot in one reading? Do you see the same number coming up over and over in different readings? The Universe is trying to tell you something. It’s time to integrate that numeric meaning into your interpretations. It will deepen your understanding. When I do readings, sometimes I read all cards of the same number first, then go back to the rest of the reading. Give that a try and see how it shapes your interpretation. It’s time to explore the twos.


The upright twos represent duality. They are the choices you need to make. They call for balance. Sometimes they require a response, and sometimes reflection.

Two of Rods | Two of Cups | Two of Swords | Two of Pentacles
The High Priestess | Justice | Judgement


Inversions can be tricky, because they can mean so many things. They can slow things down or completely turn them around. They can represent an internal journey or a brush with the mystical. The inverted twos indicate imbalance. They show a lack of harmony. They might indicate indecision. You might be encountering opposition or duplicity. They can be a reflection of spirit. They might call for inner balance or breaking a tie or stalemate.

Inverted Two of Rods | Inverted Two of Cups | Inverted Two of Swords | Inverted Two of Pentacles
The Inverted High Priestess | Inverted Justice | Inverted Judgement

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