The FivesTarot is composed of layers of symbols, each with its own message. Have you seen cards of the same number within a single reading? Does the same number keep appearing over and over again in nearly every spread? The Universe is trying to tell you something. It’s time to integrate that number’s meaning into your interpretations. When you do this, it deepens your understanding. Sometimes I read all the cards of one value at the beginning of a reading. It sets a tone and gives me perspective. See how this one, minor change can shape your interpretations. It’s time for the fives.


The upright fives are about crisis, conflict, and trials. They summon change. They require adaptation.

Meditate on what has your blood up. Pay attention to what needs to change, and use that to inform how you need to adapt.

Five of Rods | Five of Cups | Five of Swords | Five of Pentacles
The Hierophant | Temperance


Inversions can be tricky, because they can be interpreted so many ways. Sometimes inversions slow things down. Sometimes they turn things around completely. They can represent an internal journey, or a brush with the mystical. The inverted fives are bloated with inertia. They are steeped in dogma, repression, and victimization. They may suggest squandering or licentiousness. They represent conformity or stalemates. But, they may also suggest hope, renewed interest, accord, reconciliation, and gratification. They represent an imbalance in an element, and offer you the opportunity to transform it (Rods are fire, Cups are water, Swords are air, and Pentacles are earth).

Meditate on what needs to change, as you would in the upright cards. In what way do you feel reconciled? How is hope moving you forward? Try coaxing this along by integrating more of the elements that are not in the cards. If swords are inverted, stop thinking and start doing. If cups are inverted, write down what you’re feeling and safely burn them. If rods are inverted, take a long bath or shower. If pentacles are inverted, try doing something spontaneous.

Inverted Five of Rods | Inverted Five of Cups | Inverted Five of Swords | Inverted Five of Pentacles
The Inverted Hierophant | Inverted Temperance

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