The Major Arcana

The Major ArcanaThe twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana tend to hold the big lessons. These cards carry powerful messages. If you are reading a spread of cards, watch for the Major Arcana. If your spread contains more than 30% Major Arcana, you are in the midst of something big, or beyond your control. If most of the cards in the spread are from the Major Arcana, you might be trying to exert too much control. You might have trouble expressing your feelings, or you might be near your breaking point. A spread without any Major Arcana cards could indicate you are hiding from the truth of the issue, or are in some deep distress. If this is the case, it is important to find someone you can trust to guide you through this period of time. In a spread, focus most of your attention on the Major Arcana. The other cards will be useful for clarifying the situation.

0: The Fool | The Inverted Fool
1: The Magician | The Inverted Magician
2: The High Priestess | The Inverted High Priestess
3: The Empress | The Inverted Empress
4: The Emperor | The Inverted Emperor
5: The Hierophant | The Inverted Hierophant
6: The Lovers | The Inverted Lovers
7: The Chariot | The Inverted Chariot
8: Strength | Inverted Strength
9: The Hermit | The Inverted Hermit
10: The Wheel of Fortune | The Inverted Wheel of Fortune
11: Justice | Inverted Justice
12: The Hanged Man | The Inverted Hanged Man
13: Death | Inverted Death
14: Temperance | Inverted Temperance
15: The Devil | The Inverted Devil
16: The Tower | The Inverted Tower
17: The Star | The Inverted Star
18: The Moon | The Inverted Moon
19: The Sun | The Inverted Sun
20: Judgement | Inverted Judgement
21: The World | The Inverted World

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