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I chose to set up up my shop on Etsy so I could easily accept payment with major credit cards, PayPal, and Etsy Gift Certificates. I offer these readings through e-mail. Each reading is a detailed pdf, which includes a photo of the spread, strong card interactions, key phrases for each card in the reading, and a summary. I give thorough readings, and my response time is within 72 hours of receiving payment. Spirit is not localized. I have given accurate readings for clients both across the table and across the ocean.

Single-Card Reading:


Single-Card Reading: $5

The single-card reading can give specific insight into a situation or person. Each card contains subtle meanings, especially when reversed. I use a pendulum to focus all of my readings, which makes them more personal than the general card interpretations you’ve read on my blog. This reading is useful when you need something quick and specific. I pull a card for myself daily. It centers me. Sometimes a single card is just enough.

Balance Spread:

Balance Spread: Tell Me, Howe on Etsy

Balance Spread: $35

I developed the Balance Spread for the Autumnal Equinox. It’s a seven-card reading showing what needs to be released and embraced, and what you must focus on to help that transition. This spread is particularly powerful during the Spring and Autumnal Equinoxes, when the hours of day and night are held in balance. During the reading, I look at card interactions and focus the interpretation using a pendulum. I have used this spread to bring insight to relationships, business, and home life. It recognizes that life is in balance when we continually evaluate what is hindering and serving us, and act on that information.

Hanged Man Spread:

Hanged Man Spread: Tell Me, Howe on Etsy

Hanged Man Spread: $35

The Hanged Man Spread is the most complex of the readings I offer. Each of the six cards is read as upright and inverted. This can be a tremendous tool for self discovery. As with other multi-card spreads, I pay attention to interactions and use a pendulum to focus on the subtle meanings of the cards. This takes time to read and interpret, and delves deeply into the unconscious mind. This reading is particularly useful when you find yourself at an impasse, and need direction.

However you celebrate, I wish you a beautiful year.

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