New Moon in Scorpio

Sunday, October 30, 2016, 12:39 PM central

TJ_ScorpioConstellationThe new moon is a time of beginnings and opportunities. This is a time of manifestation, making choices, making plans. Jan Spiller published a book, New Moon Astrology, which is one of a few books I keep close. I recommend getting a copy, if you don’t already own it. I also recommend you go to Jan’s website to calculate your Grandaddy Power Period. This period is unique to each person’s chart, based on when the Sun is transiting the 11th House of your birth chart. The 11th is the house of Karma. Follow her suggestion and use this as your first wish, “I want to easily cut through any fears or negativity that may arise in the month following my Power Period, and emerge with flying colors.” This truly will help ease your mind when the powerful changes start happening.

Neptune and Uranus Retrogrades

Today's Chart

Today’s Chart

Neptune (turns direct November 19th) and Uranus (turns direct December 29th) are in retrograde right now. Introspection is key, especially under Scorpio’s influence. If you look within and don’t like what you see, write it down. Read what you’ve written and see if there’s something you can realistically change for the better. Then meditate on that change for a while. This holiday season promises to stretch us and push us to change in ways that will feel more like a challenge than an invitation. New Moons reboot us. Let it work its magic and show us what needs to change for the better. Let go of your preconceptions, and allow some of that fresh energy to work during these retrograde days.

Wishes Involving Other People

This is a time of introspection. Don’t waste your precious wishes on other people. Be responsible for yourself. The Scorpio Moon is seductive by nature. It pulls at those parts of us that want to feel a sexual connection. If you are looking for a partner, concentrate on increasing your sexual magnetism. Be specific about what you want to attract. Are you looking for a lifetime commitment? Be specific. Are you looking for someone to share a specific part, but not all of your life? Be specific. Trust that you will meet the right person or people at the right time. Wishes do not control. Wishes free up energy for new beginnings. Trust. Chances are good it will be better than you ever dreamed.

What to do

You have until later tonight at 8:39 PM (central) to write down 2 – 10 wishes by hand. Write them simply and in plain language. Let your intuition guide you, not logic. Wish what you mean, not what you think you should, not what you aren’t sure about. Date and keep what you write (I use sticky notes in a paper calendar). Don’t waste your wishes on other people, they are yours and yours alone, and they should never be used to influence the will of anyone else.

Once you have written down your 2 – 10 wishes, let the Universe have them. If you notice new opportunities, take them. They are the gift you asked for. Change can be a little difficult, especially if you’re afraid or don’t believe you can have what you want. Try your best to remain calm and believe this can be yours. I write to get myself through fearful or uncomfortable times. If you’re not good with words, draw, dance, sing, get out in nature, whatever you need to do.

What’s special about a moon in Scorpio?

The moon in Scorpio makes our secret desires come to the surface. Wishes you might want to think about involve secrets, change, obsessions, self-discipline, sex, debt, jealousy, guilt, and health issues related to elimination and sexual organs. Sit and meditate for a few minutes before you start writing. Let images, thoughts, songs come to the surface. Watch them without judging. The Scorpio Moon acts as a net, gathering these forgotten parts of you. Remember these wishes are for you alone. Be careful what you ask for, and enjoy it when it starts to manifest.

Something yummy

October is a good month for pears and trendy pumpkin pie spice. Why not combine them? Saute sliced pears, a few shakes of pumpkin pie spice, and a little brown sugar in a sauce pan over low heat. Stir often until the fruit breaks down and the butter and sugar start to form a syrup. Serve it warm over ice cream, shortbread, a soft cheese (like brie), or alone right out of a bowl. This would also make a delicious pie filling.

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