In the Cards: Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Last year I did a reading for Super Bowl XLIX, I got it right, so I’m giving this another shot. My reading for Super Bowl 50 is pictured above. I’m still not a sports analyst, so I can’t comment on individual players, coaches, or anything else that could factor into the game. In fact I had never heard of one of the teams before two weeks ago. I just have a deck of cards and the question, “Who will win the Super Bowl this year?” These teams are evenly matched, by the very fact they are playing each other in this game. I’m doing this reading the morning of the game, so there is a good chance the free will of the players will not cause a change in this outcome, but you never know. I drew three cards for each team. Here’s what those cards had to say:

The Carolina Panthers

The cards are the Emperor, Inverted 6 of Cups, and the Inverted Hierophant. My method of reading involves using a pendulum to find keywords and phrases for each card, and interpreting from there.

Emperor: The opportunity to act forcefully and with conviction. For men, this card represents what society expects of you. As a card of virility, this is the energetic inseminator who projects their will outward.

The Inverted 6 of Cups: Delays will test courage, but are followed by success.

The Inverted Hierophant: Delayed ambitions.

The Denver Broncos

The cards are the 4 of Swords, Justice, and the 7 of Pentacles.

4 of Swords: Retirement

Justice: You may be at a point of decision upon which subsequent accountings or consequences will be based.

7 of Pentacles: A warning not to rest on past laurels.

Card Interactions

There are several interactions in this reading, some between teams. The 4 of Swords lightens the natural solidness of the Emperor. The Emperor before the Hierophant suggests a struggle between materialistic and spiritual desires, with the material winning. And Justice comes between the 4 of Swords and 7 of Pentacles in this spread, suggesting a desire to balance retirement against the warning not to rest on past laurels.

The Interpretation

This is all in fun, and I don’t want anyone losing money over this, so use this reading only to substantiate other research. It struck me that we are in the last day of the Moon cycle. This seems like an appropriate day to end a sports season. That said, it looks like the Panthers will win. The Emperor suggests they will play aggressively and the Inverted 6 of Cups and Inverted Hierophant suggest they might start to pull ahead in points late in the game.  The mention of retirement confused me, so I googled “Broncos retirement,” and found this. I don’t know if this player is retiring, or if the discussion is enough to pull the players’ focus from the game.  The 7 of Pentacles might substantiate what we see in the other team’s spread. Perhaps the Broncos will take the lead early on and relax  enough to give the Panthers a winning shot. Whatever the outcome, the snacks and commercials will be sure winners. Keep your eye on the ball, sports fans.


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