Inverted Ace of Rods


Inverted Ace of RodsThis image is like a bulb that has been planted upside down, or mystically it is the first sprout of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The inverted aces often act as a warning, or reminder, that you are not in control of a situation. Sometimes they suggest delays or require some sort of transformation of the element. This ace might be telling you reality does not currently match your desire.

Either you want something that isn’t available, or you don’t have the energy or skill to take advantage of the opportunity. Both situations can lead to frustration, and a lot of it. You could feel plagued with false starts, or overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on something new. This card offers the hope and promise of an ace, but it will take more effort to realize that potential.

Bringing the other three elements (air, water, and earth) into focus will help kickstart this new opportunity, by giving you perspective. To introduce air, go for a run, or a ride in the car with the top down. To focus on the water element, take a bath, go swimming, make some tea, or do a load of dishes. The earth element is present in activities like gardening or even eating root vegetables, like potatoes and beets. Introducing more of these elements might perk you up enough to take advantage of that great, new opportunity.


In a spread, the Ace of Rods adds a little spark.

Major Arcana

Empress: When the Ace of Rods (Clubs, Wands, or Staves in other decks) combines with the Empress in any position, it can indicate pregnancy.

Minor Arcana

King of Rods (Clubs, Wands, Staves): The Ace of Rods (Clubs, Wands, or Staves in other decks) in combination with the King of Rods (Clubs, Wands, or Staves in other decks) is explosive.

The Suit — Rods, Wands, Staves, or Clubs

The Rod is a tool with a spark of life in it. This suit is associated with the element of fire, due largely to an ancient belief that fire is held captive in wood. Certainly, sensitive souls can feel the energy of wood, but we don’t expect it to combust on its own. When we refer to this suit as Wands, we acknowledge its power. Rods are creative and fiery. They can also feel like a burden in excess.

The Number — Ace or 1

It all begins with one, the self.

The Inversion

There is nothing to fear with an inversion. Mary K. Greer explains in her book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, that an inverted card may be interpreted in one or more of these twelve ways:

  1. Blocked or Resisted
  2. Projected
  3. Delayed, Difficult, Unavailable
  4. Inner, Unconscious, Private
  5. New or Dark Moon (if you are reading cards from a round deck)
  6. Breaking Through, Overturning, Refusing, Changing Direction
  7. The Opposite of the Upright Meaning, or Lacking
  8. Excessively
  9. Misused or Misdirected
  10. The Upright Meaning Backward
  11. A Rectification or Cure
  12. Magical, Unconventional, or Humorous

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