Vernal Equinox

BalanceSpreadI dreamed up this spread for the Equinox, a time for balance, to let go and to receive. This spread requires one deck that speaks to you.

What to Release (1 – 3)

The three cards on the left represent what you would benefit you to release. You might interpret these as good or ill, but you’ll be better off letting them go. This might include an outworn image of yourself, a person or relationship. It could be an attachment to a community or a job. Whatever it is, you have held it long enough.

What to Embrace (4 – 6)

The three cards on the right represent what you would be wise to embrace. You might not have been ready for this before now. The time is right to bring these things into your life. If they are already part of your life, it is time to accept them as your reality.

Advice (7)

The top card is your tool for accomplishing this transition. In some cases, like the Sun, it can indicate a timeline, a birthday or a calendar year. Concentrate on that image for guidance. It is the doorway through which you will travel. Touch it on your way through.

Spring vs. Fall

Twice each year we are held in balance. In the spring we balance and wait to expand. In the fall we gather the last of our energy and rest. A useful intention for this reading is to release what is weighing you down and embracing what will move you forward. The Advice Card helps you make that transition. As you read in my New Moon post earlier, today (March 20, 2015) is calling us to make big changes. Big changes lead to great opportunities and expansion. Let these changes wash over you, cleanse you, prepare you for something big and different.

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