Two of Pentacles


Two of PentaclesThe figure in this card is juggling two things, keeping the balls in the air. The infinity symbol that surrounds the balls suggests this is a continual state.

Some may see this infinite juggling as a joy and others see a burden. However you perceive it, it is your reality. Motion and change keep the Universe in balance. Losing momentum can lead to getting stuck. If you receive this card, you are maintaining a flow of energy. “Money begets money” when it flows both in and out. Profits increase and decrease. We work and play. If you focus too much on one part, everything will suffer. Let yourself enjoy the flow. Keep moving, and all your balls will remain in play.


The Two of Pentacles only interacts with the Emperor.

Major Arcana

Emperor: Any cards from the suit of Pentacles can indicate an offer of a position of authority. This position is likely to involve finance and carry heavy responsibilities.

The Suit — Pentacles, Coins, or Diamonds

The pentacle is a symbol of earth magic. The coin is wealth and wages. The diamond is a symbol of wealth, pulled from the ground and refined by human hands into something enduring and elegant. This suit represents all things related to the earth. It represents the work of our hands. It represents those conspicuous signs of wealth that show us and our neighbors how successful we are, but this is merely material wealth. We can pass this on to the next generation, but it is worthless if we choose to bury it with ourselves.

Number — 2

Two is a number of duality, balance, and choices.
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