Queen of Cups


Queen of CupsThis is a woman over the age of 35, with a great deal of water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) in her chart. This could also be a man who is in touch with his feminine side. She reflects her environment like a still pool. She has emotional depth.

As a woman, she tunes into the needs of the people around her. You might see her as unfocused, as a caretaker, or even psychic. Her first concern is always emotional. She wants to please the people she loves most. She strives to care for them by anticipating their needs before they speak them. This might make it hard for her to know herself or her own needs. She wants to be loved and cherished. A little pampering will thrill her. Be kind to this woman, and let her love you.

The Suit — Cups or Hearts

The cup holds water, the heart holds emotion. Water nourishes, refreshes, revives. Emotions remind us we’re alive, give us reason to commune with others. Water can give life and take it away. Emotions can make us want to feel more and wish we could just stop feeling entirely.
This suit invites us to that place below the surface, to search for the Holy Grail, to get in touch with our creative side.

Rank — Queen

Traditionally, queens represent women over the age of 35. Energetically, the queens represent a wise and nurturing ally or formidable enemy. Queens may indicate a period of inner growth.

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