JudgementVisually, this card shows what Christians would call the Rapture. It is that time an angel blows a horn signalling a chosen group of the dead to follow. The angel is taking these souls to Heaven, where they will receive new bodies, new lives. Rapture comes from a Latin root, raptus, meaning “carried off.”

You don’t have to be Christian, and you certainly don’t have to be dead, to experience this card. You are being chosen and called to something bigger than your current self. The Universe is getting you ready to be carried off from wherever you are now. You may feel trapped in a dead-end job, stuck in the mundane. But, you are better than this, much better, or at least you will be. But in order to ascend, you must follow the call!

The Universe will make a way for you, and there is a complete transformation on the other side. But, you have to make a choice first. You have to accept the call, whatever it is. It might be a chance to ask forgiveness of someone you have hurt, either intentionally or unintentionally. It could be a career change. Perhaps it is a new perspective on your life or spirituality that gives you wings. Whatever it is, accept the call! This isn’t an everyday opportunity, grab it!

Are you ready? It might be a little bumpy at first, but like they said in Blow, Gabriel, Blow from Anything Goes, “I’m ready to fly!”


In a spread, Judgement can interact with a few cards. Judgement’s influence is weakened by the presence of the Magician (called the Cobbler or Magus in some decks), Wheel, or Devil. It’s influence is strengthened in combination with the cards below.

Major Arcana

Chariot: If Judgement comes before the Chariot, it indicates fame or triumph. If the Chariot is inverted, this will be short-lived, as there is a good chance this will weaken your character.
Hermit: If Judgement comes before the Hermit, there will be a triumph on the spiritual level, or one that happens following death. If the Hermit is inverted in this same position, it indicates there will be a public discovery that will be of tremendous benefit.

The Major Arcana

The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana tend to hold the big lessons. These cards carry powerful messages. If you are reading a spread of cards, watch for the Major Arcana. If your spread contains more than 30% Major Arcana, you are in the midst of something big, or beyond your control. If most of the cards in the spread are from the Major Arcana, you might be trying to exert too much control. You might have trouble expressing your feelings, or you might be near your breaking point. A spread without any Major Arcana cards could indicate you are hiding from the truth of the issue, or are in some deep distress. If this is the case, it is important to find someone you can trust to guide you through this period of time. In a spread, focus most of your attention on the Major Arcana. The other cards will be useful for clarifying the situation.

Number — 20, which translates to 2

Two is a number of duality, balance, and choices.
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