Inverted King of Cups


Inverted King of CupsThis can be anyone in a position of authority with an abundance of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) in their chart. The inversion suggests he is hiding something, especially his emotions.

This man may have closed himself off from those around him. This could be a defense against a naturally porous disposition. Often the ones who close themselves off the tightest are the ones who feel they have the most to lose by being open. Either you or someone in your community has closed himself off to emotions. This might be in response to a cruel environment. This could be someone who reacts by being overly protective, or absent altogether. It is important to remember this man has a strong desire to protect.

Occasionally, this card indicates seeking a cure for the root cause of an ailment. In these cases, the illness is psycho-somatic, meaning a real and physical response to an emotional wound. This might lead him to consider unconventional healing practices which get at the true cause of the physical ailment. These methods should be explored in tandem with more traditional methods, especially if the ailment is severe.

The Suit — Cups or Hearts

The cup holds water, the heart holds emotion. Water nourishes, refreshes, revives. Emotions remind us we’re alive, give us reason to commune with others. Water can give life and take it away. Emotions can make us want to feel more and wish we could just stop feeling entirely.
This suit invites us to that place below the surface, to search for the Holy Grail, to get in touch with our creative side.

The Rank — King

Traditionally, kings represent men over the age of 35. Energetically, the kings represent authority and competence. These cards are not easily influenced.

The Inversion

There is nothing to fear with an inversion. Mary K. Greer explains in her book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, that an inverted card may be interpreted in one or more of these twelve ways:

  1. Blocked or Resisted
  2. Projected
  3. Delayed, Difficult, Unavailable
  4. Inner, Unconscious, Private
  5. New or Dark Moon (if you are reading cards from a round deck)
  6. Breaking Through, Overturning, Refusing, Changing Direction
  7. The Opposite of the Upright Meaning, or Lacking
  8. Excessively
  9. Misused or Misdirected
  10. The Upright Meaning Backward
  11. A Rectification or Cure
  12. Magical, Unconventional, or Humorous

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