Two of Swords


Two of SwordsThis image has always looked like a clock to me, and it just might contain an element of waiting things out. Mostly, it’s about going inside to balance ideas. The Eight of Swords also shows a blind-folded woman, but in this image she is still free.

When you receive this card, it’s important to keep in mind that the blindfold is simply a device for looking inwardly. It allows you to feel the weight of the situation without distraction. No one has tied your hands. You are still in control, so claim it. Once you have weighed the evidence, act. Remember that action may involve sitting and watching the situation unfold naturally.


The Two of Swords interacts with a couple of cards.

Major Arcana

Lovers: If any cards from the suit of Swords come after the Lovers, it indicates the end of a relationship.

Minor Arcana

Seven of Cups: The Two of Swords in combination with the Seven of Cups indicates confusion or even delusion.

The Suit — Swords or Spades

The sword cuts and dissects. Swords represents the element of air. They are intellect. They are double-sided, which allows them to both damage and heal. The images in the suit might be alarming to some, but they are not simply aggressive. Yes, we can use blades to inflict pain, but we also use them to carve, shave, and trim.

Number — 2

Two is a number of duality, balance, and choices.
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