Inverted Ace of Pentacles


Inverted Ace of PentaclesVisually, this card is buried treasure, or money under the table. To some, it may resemble the hamster wheel of work, a wheel that never seems to end or get you anywhere.

When you encounter the inverted Ace of Pentacles, you might be experiencing the Midas touch — everything around you is turning to gold. This can feel wonderful at first, but it eventually gets in the way of a normal life. Living life strictly on the physical plane can trigger fears of losing a fortune, which your mind equates to loss of your life. You may feel your hands are locked in the golden shackles of a job. This job provides you with financial rewards, but very little life to enjoy them. Are you working on manifesting what you desire in the physical world? Be careful only to draw what you need to yourself, and always be generous with others of lesser means. Wealth is best shared.

The earth element is out of balance in this card. Bring more air, water, and fire into your daily routine. Maybe you can bike to work to introduce more air. Enjoying aquatic sports on the weekends could boost the water element and your energy. A simple ritual of lighting a candle, taking three long breaths, and enjoying an herbal tea might also help you separate work life from the rest of your life. It’s time to start living.


The Ace of Pentacles improves the tone of all other cards in a spread.

Major Arcana

Emperor: Any cards from the suit of Pentacles can indicate an offer of a position of authority. This position is likely to involve finance and carry heavy responsibilities.
Wheel of Fortune: The Ace of Pentacles in combination with the Wheel of Fortune is considered very lucky.

Minor Arcana

Nine of Cups: The Ace of Pentacles in combination with the Nine of Cups is considered very lucky.
King of Rods (Clubs, Wands, or Staves): The Ace of Pentacles in combination with the King of Rods (Clubs, Wands, or Staves in other decks) is explosive.

The Suit — Pentacles, Coins, or Diamonds

The pentacle is a symbol of earth magic. The coin is wealth and wages. The diamond is a symbol of wealth, pulled from the ground and refined by human hands into something enduring and elegant. This suit represents all things related to the earth. It represents the work of our hands. It represents those conspicuous signs of wealth that show us and our neighbors how successful we are, but this is merely material wealth. We can pass this on to the next generation, but it is worthless if we choose to bury it with ourselves.

The Number — Ace or 1

It all begins with one, the self.

The Inversion

There is nothing to fear with an inversion. Mary K. Greer explains in her book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, that an inverted card may be interpreted in one or more of these twelve ways:

  1. Blocked or Resisted
  2. Projected
  3. Delayed, Difficult, Unavailable
  4. Inner, Unconscious, Private
  5. New or Dark Moon (if you are reading cards from a round deck)
  6. Breaking Through, Overturning, Refusing, Changing Direction
  7. The Opposite of the Upright Meaning, or Lacking
  8. Excessively
  9. Misused or Misdirected
  10. The Upright Meaning Backward
  11. A Rectification or Cure
  12. Magical, Unconventional, or Humorous

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