King of Swords


King of SwordsThis is a man, over 35, with a great deal of air (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) in his chart. This could be a woman in touch with her masculine self. He is brilliant and rational.

The sword could be that of the scientist, dissecting the situation to solve a problem. It could be a surgeon’s scalpel or an attorney’s defense. It could be the pen of an author or professor. This is a person who will not be swayed by emotions, only facts. This is the man you want on your side if you are dealing with an illness or a legal matter. This is not the man who will woo you and tell you what you want to hear. This is the man who will be honest with you. He is the problem solver. He has high standards and is dependable. He is also unlikely to mince words. You will always know where you stand with this man, even if you don’t care for the way he expresses it.

The Suit — Swords

The sword cuts and dissects. Swords represents the element of air. They are intellect. They are double-sided, which allows them to both damage and heal. The images in the suit might be alarming to some, but they are not simply aggressive. Yes, we can use blades to inflict pain, but we also use them to carve, shave, and trim.

The Rank — King

Traditionally, kings represent men over the age of 35. Energetically, the kings represent authority and competence. These cards are not easily influenced.


The King of Swords only interacts with the Lovers if it follows that card.

Major Arcana

Lovers: If any cards from the suit of Swords come after the Lovers, it indicates the end of a relationship.

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