Inverted Chariot


The Inverted ChariotVisually, this card is like driving your car too fast on a country road, rolling the driver into a ditch. These can be serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Are you acting recklessly? Are you in a rush to get somewhere? Are you stressed by the prospect of taking the lead on a project? Then stop and take a breath, before you hurt yourself or someone else.

What if this is all internal? Are you on your own Hero’s Journey? Are you learning some things the hard way? Whatever the case, travel mindfully, and never take your eyes off the road. You don’t want to end up in a ditch, wheels up, spinning.


In a spread, the Chariot can interact with many cards. The effect is usually to quicken or create some sort of movement.

Major Arcana

Fool: With the Fool, it suggests travel and some sort of important news.
Hierophant: When the Chariot comes before the Hierophant, it indicates success in a creative field.
Lovers: If the Chariot comes before the Lovers, it suggests a sudden departure that will end a romance or venture. If the Chariot comes after the Lovers, there is likely to be some sort of betrayal.
Wheel: When the Chariot is next to the Wheel, it indicates a triumph.
Strength: If the Chariot comes before Strength, it indicates great strength in future trials. If the Chariot comes after Strength, it will take considerable effort to succeed.
Tower: If the Chariot comes before the Tower, a sustained effort will eventually lead to success.
Moon: If the Chariot comes before the Moon, a secret is likely to be revealed. When the Chariot comes after the Moon, it suggests there might be some sort of scandal or illness — this is lessened, if the Moon is inverted.
Judgement: If the Inverted Chariot comes after Judgement, there will be a short-lived triumph or period of fame, possibly due to a weakened character.
World: If the Chariot is in the same spread as the World, in any position, it suggests long-distance travel. If the Chariot comes before the World, your ambitions will be fulfilled.

Minor Arcana

Eight of Cups: If the Chariot appears with the Eight of Cups in any position, it emphasizes a need to leave a situation.
Ten of Pentacles: If the Chariot appears with the Ten of Pentacles in any position, it suggests independence taken to an unhealthy or anti-social extreme.
Six of Swords: If the Chariot appears with the Six of Swords in any position, it suggests a need for quick action.

The Major Arcana

The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana tend to hold the big lessons. These cards carry powerful messages. If you are reading a spread of cards, watch for the Major Arcana. If your spread contains more than 30% Major Arcana, you are in the midst of something big, or beyond your control. If most of the cards in the spread are from the Major Arcana, you might be trying to exert too much control. You might have trouble expressing your feelings, or you might be near your breaking point. A spread without any Major Arcana cards could indicate you are hiding from the truth of the issue, or are in some deep distress. If this is the case, it is important to find someone you can trust to guide you through this period of time. In a spread, focus most of your attention on the Major Arcana. The other cards will be useful for clarifying the situation.

Number — 7

Seven is a number of mastery, reflection, and assessment.

The Inversion

There is nothing to fear with an inversion. Mary K. Greer explains in her book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, that an inverted card may be interpreted in one or more of these twelve ways:

  1. Blocked or Resisted
  2. Projected
  3. Delayed, Difficult, Unavailable
  4. Inner, Unconscious, Private
  5. New or Dark Moon (if you are reading cards from a round deck)
  6. Breaking Through, Overturning, Refusing, Changing Direction
  7. The Opposite of the Upright Meaning, or Lacking
  8. Excessively
  9. Misused or Misdirected
  10. The Upright Meaning Backward
  11. A Rectification or Cure
  12. Magical, Unconventional, or Humorous

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