Five of Rods


Five of RodsThis card is often interpreted as aggression and conflict. The image in the card doesn’t entirely support that. These boys look more like they’re playing a game than beating each other senseless.

If you get this card, there is a good chance you’re competing for something. Take a moment to look at how you interpret competition. Competition can lead to anger, or it can simply add energy to a situation. Often it forces us to be creative in our approach to a problem. You might be competing in business, sports, or sex. You might feel friendly or fierce. Let this draw out the best in you, the creative, the troubleshooter. Try to leave aggression out of it as best you can.

The Suit — Rods, Wands, Staves, or Clubs

The Rod is a tool with a spark of life in it. This suit is associated with the element of fire, due largely to an ancient belief that fire is held captive in wood. Certainly, sensitive souls can feel the energy of wood, but we don’t expect it to combust on its own. When we refer to this suit as Wands, we acknowledge its power. Rods are creative and fiery. They can also feel like a burden in excess.

Number — 5

Five is a number of conflict, change, and opportunity.

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