Nine of Rods


Nine of RodsThe figure in this card has a fence of Rods or Staves, that lends protection while the person rests. The energy of the Eight of Rods has been spent and it is time to hunker down and wait.

Receiving this card is probably an indication you need to stop and catch your breath. Just make sure the time is spent taking care of yourself and not hiding from enemies. If it feels like you need to protect yourself, take another breath. Is this threat real and current, or is it a habit left over from some other time? If it’s the latter, you can let down some of your defenses.

The Suit — Rods, Wands, Staves, or Clubs

The Rod is a tool with a spark of life in it. This suit is associated with the element of fire, due largely to an ancient belief that fire is held captive in wood. Certainly, sensitive souls can feel the energy of wood, but we don’t expect it to combust on its own. When we refer to this suit as Wands, we acknowledge its power. Rods are creative and fiery. They can also feel like a burden in excess.

The Number — 9

Nine represents completion, solitude, and protection.

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