Autumnal Equinox

BalanceSpreadI dreamed up this spread for the Equinox, a time for balance, to let go and to receive. This spread requires one deck that speaks to you.

What to Release (1 – 3)

The three cards on the left represent what you would benefit you to release. You might interpret these as good or ill, but you’ll be better off letting them go. This might include an outworn image of yourself, a person or relationship. It could be an attachment to a community or a job. Whatever it is, you have held it long enough.

What to Embrace (4 – 6)

The three cards on the right represent what you would be wise to embrace. You might not have been ready for this before now. The time is right to bring these things into your life. If they are already part of your life, it is time to accept them as your reality.

Advice (7)

The top card is your tool for accomplishing this transition. In some cases, like the Sun, it can indicate a timeline, a birthday or a calendar year. Concentrate on that image for guidance. It is the doorway through which you will travel. Touch it on your way through.

Sample Reading

In this sample reading, you might notice there are a number of inverted cards. This can simply indicate deep work. I highly recommend Mary K. Greer’s book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals for navigating reversals. When I read, I often use a pendulum to guide me to the appropriate interpretation of reversals.


Inverted World: This card, inverted, can indicate issues with back pain.
Inverted King of Pentacles: This inverted card can relate to money worries.
7 of Rods: This card can indicate dealing with opposition.


Inverted Queen of Pentacles: This inverted Queen can signify leadership abilities.
Inverted 10 of Cups: This inverted card can indicate a need to find emotional fulfillment outside of community.
Inverted 3 of Swords: This inversion can indicate a need to shield oneself from another’s harmful intent.


Sun: This card can indicate conscious unions, sharing good fortune, or a year plan.


The querent asked about transitioning to entrepreneurship. This spread shows that the stress of her current employment is causing some issues with her back, and the opposition is stealing both time and energy. This woman has chosen to continue to work for others because she is afraid of being financially insecure. The Release section shows her it is time to let go of those fears and the stress of working in an environment that takes strength from her.
The Embrace section shows she needs to recognize her own leadership qualities. Others cannot be expected to be the source of affirmations. Those have to come from within. She also needs to learn some grounding and shielding techniques to protect her from energy vampires in her work environment.
The Advice is to make this transition by making conscious choices about her community. She needs to choose who to invest in, and who to shield herself from. She might want to spend a little time at the beach to recharge and then she can plot out a one-year plan for starting her new business.

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