King of Cups


King of CupsVisually, this is a man with a drink. Perhaps he is hosting a gathering. He might be offering the drink to someone else, or using it as a shield.

This can be anyone in a position of authority. They might have a lot of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) in their chart. They could be sensitive and nurturing, a good parent or friend. They might seem a little buttoned up, but underneath they are filled with emotions. This might be a counselor, member of the clergy, or trusted friend.

The Suit — Cups or Hearts

The cup holds water, the heart holds emotion. Water nourishes, refreshes, revives. Emotions remind us we’re alive, give us reason to commune with others. Water can give life and take it away. Emotions can make us want to feel more and wish we could just stop feeling entirely.
This suit invites us to that place below the surface, to search for the Holy Grail, to get in touch with our creative side.

The Rank — King

Traditionally, kings represent men over the age of 35. Energetically, the kings represent authority and competence. These cards are not easily influenced.

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